We are a bunch of people searching for meaning in life and for ways to share a bit of ourselves as we try to follow the example of Jesus. Sometimes we get it amazingly right - other times spectacularly wrong. That is what forgiveness is for!

We are an Open & Affirming church. That means we believe that if God can love each of us equally then we are called to extend that same unconditional love towards each other. We believe that everyone shall be treated with the same love and respect regardless of race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, marital status, ethnicity, religious background, addiction, socioeconomic status or any other societal label or physical or mental ability.

Our mission statement is “To be for the world the body of Christ, reaching out, welcoming all and growing together in faith, hope and love.”

When we say everyone is welcome here – we mean it. Bring your talents and your doubts, your gifts and your needs. God knows how to use them!